Friday, December 12, 2014

Gorgeous pallet coffee

Gorgeous pallet coffee table
Stained a black and then wiped down to show the gorgeous grain of the wood looks almost gray... 
2 of the casters are locking
45 x 45 x 14 tall


Pallet Coffee table coming together

just as planned

Should be added to the Simplicity Market Place

veryyyy soon

Brackets and locking caster need to be added

Prior Pallet and Reclaimed lumber projects completed

Just a few completed projects previously using reclaimed lumber by us.....

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Antique on the outside and Modern on the inside....

Ok I have to admit it
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this transformation!!!!!!

Here is the AFTER
She just sent me this picture

My friend messaged me on face book after seeing a lot of the work I do and asked if I would be up for an interesting project...
AND OF COURSE I SAID HECK YEAH!!!! She wanted to keep the look of this gorgeous antique piece but make the inside a wine cabinet....I LOVED THAT IDEA....Sent her lots of pics and this is what we came up with......
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.....I love how we kept the integrity of this beautiful antique piece but gave it a gorgeous modern spin when you open those doors....Ohhhh how I love transforming furniture

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YESSSS IM A GIRL AND I LOVE MY TOOLS  ACTUALLYYYYYY I LOVE WHAT I CAN CREATE USING MY TOOLS!!!! And I could also waste a day away in Home Depot or Lowes....Teeheehee....DON'T get me wrong this girl is no tomboy I could also do some damage clothes/shoes/girlie shopping 

Antique Cabinet

Before pictures of the inside of the Cabinet 

Wine glass holders made from T Molding added on the left
and wine shelving on the right

I totally LOVE how its antique on the outside
and modern on the inside

Close up of the wine glass holders 

Close up of the wine shelving 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Busy girls of Sweet Simplicity this weekend...

Thanks to lots of coffee
Motivation and Big ideassssss


The sweet mother of the scrap gods

Dana staining what will soon be a pallet coffee table

First items ready for the Simplicity Market Place

This set of three frames.....

This set of 3 frames

This set of photo boards

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